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WHAT WE ARE OFFERING for Shia Students?

We at MQC Academy have everything that you need to have in a Shia Quran Center Online. We have the best faculty which is comprises of following aspects and very useful for Quran Learners.

  1. Male and Female Qaris
  2. Qari with the specialty of Tajweed
  3. Qari and Qaria who are socialized in Shia Quran teachings
  4. Best a and experienced staff
  5. Hafiz teachers for memorization of Quran
  6. Certified experts


A teacher should be fully trained in order to provide proper guidance. They have the spiritual gift of teaching. With their services, they try to benefit others. They help us to become better Muslims. Being a Momin, every one of us needs a Shia Quran Teacher. Children are our future and in order to be a good nation, we need qualified teachers. The development of a Shia nation is in the hands of their scholars and teachers.

How we learn religion depends on teachers. Teachers not only teach but also shape their brains. As these tutors are very important so their appreciation is also very important. A teacher is not only the teacher, but he is also a guide. Momineen can get the source of guidance for every aspect of life.

Shia Academy for Youth

These teachers are especially very important for youngsters. Youth is the most important age when we need guidance. So these tutors could be the most influential people in the life of youth. They develop the personality of a Momin and also act as a role model for them. In Islam, these Momin teachers have a very special status. Our knowledge depends on them. We learn what they teach us so these tutors are the necessity for the entire Shia community.


Taking local Quran classes is a traditional way of learning but it is not feasible for everyone. So there is a need for modern ways of learning. The greatest way for Momineen is to choose an online Shia Quran teacher. The internet serves as the most convenient way to find qualified and capable teachers.

The internet and other latest technologies provide greatly convenient ways to learn Quran online the Book of Allah with expert tutors. Our youth takes more interest in taking online classes. They can take classes with the help of PC, mobile or android devices.

Qualified Ahle-Tashi Online Center

These technologies are turning out to be helpful for students because the Shia community can find qualified teachers without any effort. Momineen can learn the Holy book and the basics of religion under Fiqh Jafferia’s views or beliefs. It does not matter if there is no local Shia tutor, you can hire them online easily.

Masoomeen Quran Center is an International Shia Quran Academy. It is a leading Online Quran teaching center established by Molana Syed Manzar Abbas Naqvi for the Momineen. We provide a new platform for promoting online Quran teaching across the world. Our aim is to educate the youth of the Shia Muslims for making their better future. We work to spread the Quran education across the globe.

Professional Online Quran Learning Services

Momineen Quran Centre offers you the opportunity to learn the Quran with a Shia Quran Teacher. Now you can learn the Quran at your home. We have qualified staff for our Shia Online Quran Classes and the students can learn at their pace. All the Momineen from anywhere and at any time can register with us.

We are happy to offer Shia Quran Teaching Online at the lowest possible charges. We are established for teaching Kids & Youth. Our services are for those Momineen who do not have access to local Shia Quran Tutor. We have experience of many years in online Quran teaching and if you are interested in Shia Quran learning, register with us today.

You can also start a free trial, before starting your regular learning with us.


  1. Different courses for different people
  2. Specialized course for every one
  3. Customized classes for students
  4. A 24/7 schedule for classes
  5. A pretty easy method of fast learning
  6. Availability of trail classes
  7. Fee return policy
  8. Easy payment methods
  9. Discounts for family and siblings
  10. Best IT department for providing a non-stop facility.


We all know that Islam isn’t only a religion but it is a set of beliefs that give us the directions for life. Due to a number of challenges that Momineen face, when they try to learn the Koran from Momin tutors, Shia Quran teaching online is the only perfect solution for them. Quran teaching and the teachings of Islam are under one umbrella. Both are related to the commands of Allah. Momineen believes that the prime source of guidance is only the Book of Allah. But we cannot get this guidance without the presence of a guide. Koran teachers act as our guide and they share their knowledge through with Momineen through Koran classes.

All the Momineen must ensure that their children get appropriate Koran education. Koran learning institutes try their best to give the best education for providing them with a successful future. Momineen who is dwelling in the West can benefit greatly from this method of Koran learning. It is a modern way of learning and it is perfect for modern-day learners. Learning from authentic resources is very important otherwise there is a risk of misinformation. Momineen tends to feel more comfortable if they try taking classes at home.


Shia tutors are very respectable for Momineen. They are also the necessity for the community because without them they cannot learn the basics of the Holy Book under their school of thought. Teachers are respected in the whole world so the importance of a Shia Quran tutor is also huge for the community. They act as the first brick in the development of a structure of a character. They also bring perfection in the personality by guiding them with the true teachings of Allah.

Now as we have already discussed that hiring a tutor over the internet is not difficult so Momineen can now hire them with the help of a few clicks. The best place to hire them is an online Quran academy. You need to follow a few simple steps in order to hire them. Learning in your bedroom, your desk or at any place of your choice is too easy for everyone.

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