learn quran online shia

The duties of a Muslim are to read the Quran, understand its meanings and expertly learn it. This is the duty of all the Muslim men, women, and children. Whether you are young or old, learning Quran is obligatory for you.

Quran is a great book of Allah and whosoever wants to learn Quran, he/she has to start from the basic course. Basic Qaida Course is the first step towards learning Quran. This course is especially designed for the Non-Arabs because they are not aware of the Arabic language accent and pronunciation. This course is the absolute basic course in which the sounds of the Arabic letters are taught and how they make the words after combining with each other.

learn quran online shia

Our center is based on Fiqqah Jafferia and we teach basic Qaida course to the Shia Muslims all over the world. There are many Quran learning centers across the world but our Shia community faces many problems in reaching Shia Quran academies where they can learn Quran from the Quran teachers of their school of thought.

Learn Quran Online From Shia Academy

We provide online classes so that our Shia Muslims from any part of the world can join us. We have designed this course for the beginners in order to provide them the good start for reading Quran in the proper way. Any person who belongs to Fiqqh Jafferia can join us to learn Quran online Shia academy through our basic Qaida course. We start with the basic level for effective learning of our students. Our basic Qaida course taught at Masoomeen Quran Center teaches students from the most basic levels.

In this course we teach the students how to learn the basic Tajweed rules and help them to read the Holy Quran fluently. Many students from all over the world have completed this basic Qaida course online with us. Our teachers follow a very effective method of teaching.  Our teachers have a great knowledge of the basic rules of reciting the Holy Quran.

 Our Shia Quran teachers have a great contribution towards the Tajweeed so they work hard to make the reading of the Holy Quran easy for everyone especially the kids.

Why Choose Us For Basic Qaida Course

Masoomeen Quran center is one of the best online Quran academies working since long to teach Quran courses with applied manners. We have designed this basic Qaida course especially for kids but adults can also take this course to improve their Quran recitation and also for those adults who don’t have any idea of reading Quran. We deliver every lesson online and make it very easy for the students. We are happy to claim that once a student completes this Qaida course, he/she can read Quran very efficiently. We teach in a step by step method and move to the next lesson according to the pace of the students that they develop during this course because we understand that every student has his/her own pace of learning.

We invite Shia Muslims to get registered with us to let us help them and their kids to take the basic Qaida course with us. Our teachers are very well experienced and trained on this course. If you want to know how effective our course and how efficient our teachers are, you can take trial classes with us and learn Quran online Shia Quran center. The trial classes are similar to the regular classes but are offered free of cost in order to let students decide whether they want to continue their course with us or not.

What is taught in the Course?

 Our basic Qaida course starts form the alphabets and then teach the pronunciation of the Quran Arabic words. The students are taught in a very effective manner. The brief outline of the basic Qaida course taught at our center includes

  1. The Arabic Alphabet & their Proper Pronunciation
  2. Consonants
  3. Harakat
  4. Huroof Maddah
  5. Tanween
  6. Noon Sakinah & Tanween
  7. Huroof Leenah
  8. Rules of Laam
  9. Rules of Raa
  10. Noon Qutni
  11. Waqf

Benefits Of Basic Qaida Course

We are Quran academy based on Fiqqh Jafferia and we offer Quran classes to Shia students. The students are taught one by one. Every student gets individual attention and the students learn Basic Qaida with full concentration.

Upon the completion of the course, the students learn the alphabets of Quran Arabic and learn how to make a sound with correct accent. The students also learn how the words are formed when alphabets are joined. The students also learn reading words collectively.

The major benefit that we provide to our students is that the base of every student is made strong completes the course with us. After completing the course of basic Qaida, the students are able to read the Holy Quran correctly and with right pronunciation. So if you want to get started, get registered with us.