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Momineen from all over the world can now learn the Quran from an Online Shia Qari. We make it easy for you to learn from us because you do not have to go anywhere for attending the classes. This method is ideal for both adults and kids because classes are for everyone. You can hire a Qari from us for learning recitation.

A Shia Qari To Learn the Holy Book of Islam

If you want to Learn Quran Recitation, hire a Shia Qari from us. We will provide you with a tutor who will teach you how to read verses properly. It is necessary that we read the Holy Book in the correct way and with a melodious voice. If we give beauty to our recitation, the listeners will admire it. Everyone admires beautiful recitation. Therefore, you can now also learn to read the Quran beautifully. We have a team of expert team for you to take guidance from them. We will teach in a modern way. Join us now and learn the recitation of the Quran today. You can start your classes as soon as you register for them. We are happy to enlighten the hearts of hundreds of Shia Muslims all over the world with the light of the Quran.

Our Trained Qari for Kids

We have qualified Quran Tutors who are experts in the knowledge of Tajweed. You can learn all the rules of recitation from them. We only hire trained and qualified Shia Qari for Kids and adults. Quran reading is the basic knowledge that every one of us must-have. If you want to learn the reading of the Quran from the basic level, start a course with us. We will give you all the important knowledge to help you in reading the verses perfectly.  Our Quran Instructors has excellent Tajweed skills and they will empower you and your kids in recitation. We will make the lesson interesting for you. Our teaching methods are also modern. Every teacher is familiar with the use of modern technology that we use to teach. All the instructors are friendly and we provide a welcoming atmosphere for our students.

Shia Qaria for Females Students

We understand that Shia Qaria is very important for our sisters. These female tutors play a very important role in spreading the Quran education to worldwide female Shia Muslims. We have very professional and experienced Shia Quran teachers for female students.

Learn from a Live Qari

We offer live Shia Quran Classes to our students. Our every live Shia Qari online shows dedication and passion for teaching. Students can learn in the same way in online classes as they will learn in traditional classes. Learn Tajweed rules in live sessions and understand how to read all the verses beautifully.

Our both Online Shia Qaria and Qari offer one to one classes to the students. Each of our students gets individual classes. It means an instructor teaches one student at a time. This is the best way to because the students learn the best. Our goal is to educate our youth and our staff is very cooperative in this regard. At Masoomeen Quran Center, our aim is to provide the best Quran teaching services to our Shia brothers and sisters. Male and female students can comfortably learn with us.

Learn at home

We are the best place for females and children as they face many challenges in learning the Quran from institutions. They can hire Shia Qaria Online from us and learn ideally without going anywhere. You do not have to send your kids outside. Choose Shia Qari for Kids and let them learn at home. Contact us today and register for the classes.

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