shia Quran lessons online

Imam ‘Ali (A.S) taught the Muslim community about religion and life. He encouraged virtue, piety and fear of Allah. His sermons were related to the current affairs of the Muslim community of the time. Nehjul Balaghah is a collection of sermons, letters and sayings of Imam Ali A.s.  The book of Nehjul Balaghah is a treasure for Shia Muslims and they consider it as a memorial of Hazrat Ali A.S.

Masoomeen Quran Center offers Shia Quran lessons online and also the Nehjul Balaghah course to Momineen from all over the world. So if you also among those who want to introduce yourself with the treasures of the Nahjul Balagha, Masoomeen Quran Center is the best place for you.

shia Quran lessons online

This course will help you learn about the history, beliefs, and moral values included in the Nahjul Balagha.

What Is the Content of The Course?

We offer the course in English and Urdu and we teach the translations (Both English and Urdu) with the original Arabic text. The course is taught in 3 parts

  • Sermons
  • Letters
  • Sayings

The sermon section contains the commands of Allah and also the prohibitions. The letter sections explain how to observe the rights of people. The third part which is called the short sayings part, teaches the wise sayings of Imam Ali A.S. 240 sermons of Imam Ali A.S are present in Nehjul Balaghah and each sermon is connected with the range of topics like

  • Reality of life
  • Relationship with the Almighty
  • Holy Quran and Hadith
  • Monotheism
  • Making a God-fearing personality
  • Beliefs and akhlaq
  • Wisdom
  • Ahlul Bait
  • The Imam’s (a) reflections upon historical events
  • Morality

Course Objectives

Our objective to teach Nehjul Balaghah is to make Shia students learn about Nehjul Balaghah and what is included in it. The students are taught in a way that they become capable of making meaningful connections between their life and the information contained in Nahjul Balaghah. The objective of the course is to equip the students with the capabilities to find the hidden values of Nehjul Balaghah after the completion of the course.

This course is very helpful for the Shia students to understand the Islam and the value of the Ahlul-Bayt (A.s.)

Who Can Attend The Nehjul Balaghah Course?

The institute is besides providing Shia Quran lessons online but also offers Islamic Courses to the Shia students. This course is for advance learners and designed only for Shia Muslims who want to learn about Islam through the valuable teachings of Imam Ali A.S. Shia students can get registered with us to join this course with the comfort of their home. The students can choose the time of class according to their own suitability and requirements.

Some topics that are included in the course also require the basic teachings of Quran so the students who have completed the Quran courses should attend this course. We teach Shia Quran online and Nehjul Balagha course is also taught over the internet through the Skype. The students interested to take classes must have a PC, an internet connection with Skype software and headphone with microphone.

Children and adults both can join us to attend this course. Male teachers take the classes of the male students and female tutors take the classes of the children and Female students. This course is best for those Shia students of all religions who are interested in gaining information about the primary sources of Islam.

Our center for Shia Quran lessons also provides three days trial classes for the students that are offered at free of cost. If you are also interested in taking the Nehjul balaghah course at our center for Shia Quran lessons online, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Why Choose Us ?

The aim of the Masoomeen Quran center is to teach Shia Quran online and Islamic course to the Shia community. The center aims at spreading the light of Islam among Shia Muslims who are living in different parts of the world. Nehjul Balagha course that we teach to our students is of great importance.

Our center is known for providing the best Nahjul Balagha and Shia Quran online Courses. Our teachers are experienced in teaching in the best manner and each student gets an individual attention because we believe our every student is important. The Nehjul Balagha course helps the students to have better understanding of our religion with Shia beliefs.

We are the well known center for providing this course to the global Shia Community.  Our teachers will introduce the students with the eloquent thinking and knowledge of Imam Ali A.S who is the greatest personality of Islam.

If you want to join us for Nehjul Balagha Course to learn about the fundamentals of Islam, get registered with us.