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Shia Quran School, Shia School for Kids, Shia Quran School Online

MQC is a Shia school Online Especially for Kids of Western Countries. Thousands of Shia Muslims across the world need Quran and Islamic knowledge. Our Online school offers excellent Quran and Islamic education based on Fiqh Jafferia. The institute has a team of expert, sincere and passionate teachers. It is a reputable and popular online Quran institute among Shia Muslims of the world.

Shia School Online

We offer high standards of Islamic education because we want to make Momineen the practising Shia Muslims.  With the help of our futuristic leadership and expert team of teachers, we are representing the best Online School for Shia Students. We offer different Quran courses and moral-based Islamic knowledge. Our aim is to become excellent role models for our youth so that they can be successful in their lives.

A Reliable Platform For Learning The Quran

Masoomeen Quran Center is a reliable online platform for Momineen. We are serving those who cannot find a local institute for learning the Quran. Our teachers are qualified and are capable of teaching online. We are a Shia School for kids and adults. Our aim is to serve all students regardless of their age

Our intention is to teach the Quran to the Momineen who cannot find the teachings services from anywhere. We are famous for our quality of education. An institution plays an important role in teaching students. If an institution offers the best quality education, the students also learn the best.

Shia Kids School Online for Ahle Tashi Muslims

Shia Muslims live all over the world. Many Shia families immigrate and settle in Western countries. Their children are born and raised in Western culture and environment. They, therefore, need Shia kids school for protecting their identity.

It is quite difficult for many of us to attend Islamic schools physically. Sometimes these schools are totally out of reach therefore Shia Online Learning School is the only option for them. The students in our online school can learn better as we teach better.

Best School to Shia Muslims

We are the best online School of Shia Muslims. We teach using Skype and offer a better learning experience to our students. Those who cannot attend classes physically can join us easily. We have multilingual teachers for teaching students from all over the world. We also have Islamic scholars in our team of teachers. Therefore, you can learn advanced courses from Shia Islamic scholars. Kids and females can also learn the Quran under the supervision of senior teachers. We are reputable and reliable because we check the educational background of our teachers at the time of hiring them. Hence, do not worry about the credibility and qualification of the tutors.

Why Choose Us

You should choose us because we will provide Momineen with an environment in which they can learn and practice Islam. Momineen who live in Western countries must know their Islamic culture and values. They should also learn about their history. We, therefore, teach students to explain their Islamic values, history and culture through different courses.  Our teachers are honest and sincere and they work hard to develop a strong sense of belonging to the Shia community.


We teach different online courses for example

  • Qaida For Beginners in which students learn the basic reading rules
  • Quran Reading With Tajweed
  • Hifz or Memorization
  • Quran interpretation (Tafseer of the Holy Book)
  • Islamic Fiqh course to learn about Shariah
  • Nehjul Balagh which is the book of Sermons of Imam Ali (A.S)
  • Saheefa Sajjadia

Classes For Every One

Our School for Shia studies is for all Momineen no matter if they are the beginners or advanced learners. If you do not know how to read the Quran, do not worry we will teach you the best. MQC courses are very helpful in helping you learn how to read the verses with proper Tajweed rules.

Our beginner classes will help you learn good pronunciation and you will learn all the fundamentals of Qaida course. Our institute has a policy to teach in a step-by-step manner. The classes are available 24/7 and the instructors offer the Shia Quran Lessons as per the demand of the students. We also teach kids and offer special classes for kids.

Our Shia School has expert teachers who are expert in teaching younger students. With effective teaching methods, the students can better. They become familiar with the basic Islamic education under Shia views. We give Shia children an atmosphere in which they can learn Islam and grow in their faiths.

Our Commitment To Excellence

Our aim was to establish a Shia Islamic school across the world and for this we try our best to the best Shia Quran Education. The quality of our courses is equivalent to the standards of some of the best Quran institutes of the world. We have professional expert and well-qualified staff that assists Momineen in the learning process.

The performance of our institute is remarkable and we are among the best Quran schools in the world. Our teachers are sincere and hardworking.  They are honest in their work and teach sincerely. They also work hard to make classes interesting for students especially kids. We offer a wide variety of courses and we teach with discipline.

Professional Shia Online School Services

We give value to every student and our instructors make a good relationship with students so they feel comfortable. Our classes are live and the course quality is great. We commit to excellence by charges very low tuition fee. We want the light of the Quran should reach every corner of the world. And no Momin should remain deprived of this essential knowledge. We are very affordable as compared to local Quran schools in Western countries.

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