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Tajweed means pronouncing every letter correctly with all its qualities. It includes a complete set of rules for reciting the Holy Quran. When we learn Quran with Tajweed, it means we are replicating the recitation of the prophet Mohammad (saws). When Quran is read with Tajweed, each letter is pronounced correctly.

It is important for all Muslims to read the Holy Quran with proper rules and it is also obligatory for the Muslims to read their Holy Book correctly.

shia tutor online

Tajweed is an art of making the right use of the tongue in the recitation of Quran. It adds beauty to the recitation. If you are also interested in learning Quran with Tajweed, You are at the right place. Masoomeen Quran center offers Tajweed course for Shia students.  We are the Shia Quran center and offer Quran courses to the students at different levels.

Shia Online Academy

Molana Agha Syed Manzar Abbas Naqvi has established this Shia Quran center for spreading Quran education among the Shia Muslims across the world. Only the Shia students can get registered with us and lean Quran with Tajweed with Shia Quran tutor. Masoomeen Quran Center is an online academy and Tajweed course is also taught online. Each Shia Quran tutor is expert at teaching Quran with Tajweed. The teachers at our academy help the students master the articulation of the letters, and pronouncing in the best manner. Our mission is to try to aid the Shia community in reading Quranic text correctly and we also want that Shia community in all parts of the world should have an easy access to Quran knowledge. That is the basic reason behind the establishment of our shia Quran center.

Need of a Shia Quran Tutor 

Many Shia Muslims live in the area where there are not any qualified Shia Quran teachers. They have to face many problems in taking Quran education. Some Shia Muslims work the tapes and CDs of good Shia reciters and some take pre recorded lessons from the internet or the Islamic stores. So our center was established by considering these problems. Our Quran academy is an online center established for those Shia Muslims who face difficulty in finding a Shia Quran teacher or academy for learning Quran. We deliver lectures online and Shia Muslims residing in any country of the world can get registered with us to take Quran Tajweed course.

What is Taught in Tajweed course?

We teach Tajweed course and make the students learn how to pronounce the letters. The students are taught the description of the articulation points and how they can place their tongue and lips for speaking each Arabic letter and work. The students are also taught which word should be short and which should be lengthened. We teach the right rules of recitation.

The Shia Quran tutor not only teaches the students the Tajweed rules but also teaches them when these rules should be practiced. Tajweed is very important for a beautiful recitation.  Our Shia tutor online will make it very easy for every student to master the Tajweed.

The most important step in reading the Holy Quran is to read with Tajweed rules. So we teach this course in three stages.


It means how each letter is properly pronounced and articulated.


The students are taught the ways the letters are articulated so that the letters that have similar articulation points can be distinguished from each others.  Sifaat means qualities of the letters and the proper formation of the mouth.


In this step the complex tajweed rules are implemented without the using the complex technical terminology.

Who Can Take The Course?

Only Shia students can take this course online with us. If you belong to Fiqqh Jafferia and want to take Tajweed course from us, get registered with us. The course is for those Shia students who know how to read the Quran but are not aware of the rules of recitation. This course comes after the basic Qaida with Tajweed course. As the student learns the basic Qaida with tajweed, he/she will be eligible to take admission in this course.

After the completion of the course, the student will be able to avoid major mistakes in recitation. This course teaches the student the rules of articulation in depth. If you need a Shia tutor online, you should get registered with us.

Why Choose Us For This Course

We offer the best Quran online Quran Tajweed course for our Shia brothers and sisters.  You cannot find any other Shia tutor online for Tajweed course like us. We are offering the classes to the students all around the world. We teach via Skype and also offer 3 days FREE trial course and if you like our course content and teaching methodology, you can join us for regular classes by paying affordable fee.