Yassarnal Quran

Yassarnal Quran

Allah favored the Momineen by sending them the Quran. It is, therefore the most important duty of the Momineen whether young or old to learn and read the Quran. For reading the Quran properly, we have to learn all the basics of the Quran recitation. Yassarnal Quran Online course is the basic course designed for the Shia Muslims to learn reading the Quran. If you want to learn the Quran recitation, start your first Shia Quran lesson with us.

Who Can Study?

Yassarnal Quran Course taught at Masoomeen Quran center is for the Shia Muslims. The Qaida is to help the Momineen understand and learn the Arabic letters and their pronunciation. Momineen of all ages can start Shia Quran Classes for learning the Yassarnal Quran. It is the basic course so the beginners can start it.

Yassarnal Quran Online with Masoomeen Quran Center

This Qaida is recommended for primary Quran education. The study of this Qaida is to enable the Momineen to learn the reading of the Quran. We teach our students the rhythmic method of learning Quranic Arabic. This is a very important Qaida book without which you cannot learn reading the Quran.

We are lucky to be blessed with the knowledge of the Quran. The teaching of the Quran is a great blessing on us. We are very happy to offer the best quality Quran education to the Momineen. Upon the completion of the course, the student learns the Quran Arabic correctly and efficiently. This Qaida course is very useful for the beginners of all age-groups. If you want to learn the Quran with Fiqah Jafaria Quran Center, you should choose the Masoomeen Quran center.

This course contains lessons and exercises to help the beginners go through the course easily within a short period of time. Our expert tutors designed all the lessons in a simple and systematic manner.

The students in this course learn

  • Arabic Alphabets and their Phonetic Sound
  • The Dots
  • Single Letters
  • Letters in Combination
  • The bend
  • Fathah, Kasrah and Dammah
  • Jazm with Fathah
  • Vowels and consonants
  • Tanween
  • Maddah
  • Shaddah
  • Idgham
  • Wuqoof – Stops
  • The Stop Signs
  • Small Seen or Nun
  • Alif Zaa’idah

Why Shia Yassarnal Quran Online With Us

Yassarnal Quran is the most recommended Qaida book for Momineen especially the kids to learn reading the Quran. Starting this course with us gives you an opportunity to learn from Shia Quran Reciters. We help the Momineen by not only teaching them how to read the Holy Quran with the right pronunciation but enable them to improve their Arabic reading skills. This Qaida course is a must for every Shia Muslim.

Yassarnal Quran Online for Kids & Adults in USA UK Australia

We are the best online Shia Quran Center for worldwide Momineen. This course provides the easy steps in Quran reading so register with us today. Our teachers are proficient in teaching the basics of the Quran to encourage the Momineen for regular Quran reading. With the help of this course, the student can read the Quran at an early age. Our aim is to develop a love and attachment of the Momineen to our Holy Book.