Online Quran Memorization

Online Quran Memorization

Hifz course is a very valuable course for Muslims and it requires devotion and dedication. The Muslims develop a special relationship with the Quran by having a daily recitation.

Masoomeen Quran Center is established to serve those Shia Muslims who do not have easy access to local Shia Quran Center. We offer online tutoring which has made it possible for every Shia student to start Quran memorization course at their home. Our center is the right place that fulfills all Islamic educational requirements of Shia Muslims. Educating our youth and next generation is our most important task in order to build their religious and successful future under the valuable teachings of our Ayemma Tahereen (a.s.).

Our Shia Quran Center is well known for its excellent Quran teaching to Shia students. Hifz classes that we offer to our students are of extreme importance and value to all Shia Muslims.

Who can take Hifz classes?

We offer Quran memorization classes to Shia students from all across the globe. The students who have completed the Tajweed course should take this course. Our Shia Quran Center ensures that the standard of the hifz classes are of the highest standard. Masoomeen Quran center is run by Molana Agha Syed Manzar Abbas Naqvi and the institute has a team of capable male and female Shia Quran teachers who guide the students to memorize Quran in a step by step manner.

Hifz Classes Online:

We are an online institute for Quran education and all the lessons are delivered online over the Skype. The students can choose the time of their own choice. Our online Shia education center provides hifz classes to the students from all countries of the world. The students learn Quran at their own pace and the teacher moves to the next lesson after the successful completion of the old lesson.  The course is recommended for the kids but adults can also join this course.

Teaching Methodology:

Our online Shia education center for Quran learning offers very effective teaching methodology. Each student learns in a separate class and on 1 to 1 class basis. All the classes are live and there are no pre-recorded lectures.  Our reciters are expert and experienced. They teach the students in such an effective way that the memorization process not only becomes interesting for the students but the students also memorize in a short time. We have designed the course so that every individual student can memorize the Quran according to his capabilities and potential. We also have prepared the syllabus to enable each student to memorize the Holy Quran easily. The memorization process has two stages.

First stage

In this stage the students learn the recitation with Tajweed and the students learn reciting the verses with correct pronunciation.

Second stage

The students memorize the verses every day and the teachers teach the lessons in accordance with the capability and aptitude of the students. The teachers teach the lessons in three sections. The first section includes the memorization of the lesson. The second section includes revision of the current lesson and in the third section the students revise the previous lessons.

Third Stage

After the student has completed the Quran memorization course and in order to avoid forgetting, our tutor asks for the revision of the whole Quran again. Our Online Shia education center also conducts an examination after the student has completed the course. Our Quran memorization course emphasizes on the rules of Tajweed during the memorization. The teachers conduct the testing of the memorized part of the Quran because it is necessary for the students to pass the course.

Benefits Of The Course

We provide Quran memorization opportunity to both adults and kids and they can memorize at their preferred time and days and also at their homes. Our students complete the course in the short duration as compared to the other students who join this course at other institutions. We provide smooth leaning procedure and our course is open for Shia Muslims of all age levels. Our teachers are also knowledgeable, professional, experienced and expert.  The Shia students no matter wherever they are residing can join us for this course.  We are the international platform for Momineen where they can take reliable Quran education. We also provide three days free trial classes to the students.

Why Choose Us?

We are a reliable online Quran center for our Shia brothers and sisters too. Our tutors are also Shia and we offer classes to Shia students only.  Both male and female Shia students can take Quran memorization classes with us. Our female teachers give classes to the female students and also the kids and male tutors are for our male students. Each of our tutors is qualified and can communicate in English, Urdu and also the Arabic language.

All those Shia Muslims who have interest in Quran memorization course can join us by contacting us today!