Shia Quran Education

MQC focuses and targets Shia Muslims and provides the best Shia Quran Education Online to them. Momineen can learn the Holy book of Quran e Pak and Fiqh through a variety of courses.  Our aim is to spread Islamic and Quran education all over the world among Momineen. Our courses help Momineen to learn Islamic courses so that following the true spirit of Islam becomes easy. We offer the courses to serve the Shia community. From the basics to the most advanced courses, our students can learn a lot from us. Moreover, we also face many issues in our society. We therefore need guidance to get a solution to all the important issues.

The advanced Islamic courses give knowledge of Islam and give information according to Sharia’h. Our advanced Islamic courses prepare Momineen to get knowledge essential for their life. They can understand all the matters in the light of Islam.

Shia Quran Education Online Courses That We Offer

Besides basic Quran education, we also offer special courses related to the knowledge of Islam i.e. Kalma, Duas, Ablution, prayers, Asool-e-Deen, Froo-e-Deen and much more.

We provide Education through our online Shia Quran Classes for kids, adolescents, and adults. Our courses are for both male and female Momineen. We provide the best opportunity to learn about our belief (aqaed) under Shia views, jurisprudence (Fiqh Jafferia), Quran commentary (Tafseer), Shia Islamic history, knowledge about Masoomeen and other related courses.

These courses to everyone who belongs to the Shia community. We are Shia based academy and offer courses to Shia Muslims. We have no brick and motor institute for teaching the Quran. Our Quran centers offer Shia Quran Education Online.

We give special lessons regarding Ramzan, Ayaam-e-Hussein (A.S.), Arbaeen, Wilayat and shahadat of Masumeen (A.S.)

How To Start

We offer Online Shia Quran Education 24/7. The classes are for everyone and you can enroll in any course you want by contacting us. We have a team of qualified tutors and you can hire them at any time of the day. Our learning environment is also suitable for every student no matter how old he is. We charge a very nominal fee for every course that we teach. Our basic aim is to benefit our community and serving Momineen gives us pleasure.

We wish to educate the young minds of Momineen. You can also register for trial classes before starting regular classes with us. Our trial classes are free. We will teach you free for two days. After that, you have to pay the full fee if you want to learn from us.

Learn Online With Us

If you want to get the best Shia Education for kids and adults, you should choose us. Your kids will learn about their Islamic values and our tutors will make Islamic practices a part of their lives. We do not teach forcefully. Every child learns the lessons willingly because we make it interesting for them in this way they study with proper understanding.

Our teaching methodology is very effective and students are facilitated to learn with us.  These classes are for students of all age groups. The aim of the courses is to help Shia Muslims have a better understanding of Islam. The courses are not only for kids but also for adults. Therefore, if you want the top quality Shia Education for Adults, Masoomeen Quran Center is the best platform for you.

Benefits That You Get

  • The fast and reliable learning method
  • Attend classes in the comfort of your Home during your selected time.
  • No group classes, we offer one-to-one classes.
  • Classes are for Momineen all over the world
  • 24 hour online classes
  • Highly qualified Teachers
  • 2 days of trial classes
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