shia Quran teaching online

Quran is a book of Allah and contains the messages and commands of Allah so, in order to understand Quran and Allah’s messages in the true sense, a Muslim has to take the guidance from the scholars. Only the Quran translation course is not enough to understand the true message of Allah from Quran. There is a tafseer course to understand the Quran in detail.

Tafseer means explaining. Therefore, in the Tafsir Course, the students learn the explanation or interpretations of the Quranic verses. The course is very helpful in finding out the true meanings of the Quranic verses of Quran, so that the Muslims could benefit from it by getting the true message of Quran.

shia Quran teaching online

Who Can Take The Course?

Masoomeen Quran center is Shia Quran teaching online academy and offers tafseer course to the Shia students who have successfully completed basic Qaida course, Quran with Tajweed, and Quran Translation Course. Our academy only offers the tafseer course under the Shia views so the students of Fiqqh Jafferia are supposed to register with us.

Masoomeen Quran center offers the best opportunity of Shia Quran teaching online and arranges Tafseer classes for men and women but they should be from Fiqqh Jafferia. Anyone belonging to Shia sect can join us for this course irrespective of their region or country. We are the international Quran academy and we offer the classes at the time that is convenient for the students. The course will give you the great opportunity to take Quranic education at home.

Why Tafseer Course

As Tafseer is the most important part of the Islamic education, so Shia Muslims depend on tafseer al Quran to lead a perfect religious life. This is the main reason why more and more Muslims from Shia community are moving towards tafseer course. There are many benefits of this course. There are many institutions that teach tafseer course but Shia Muslims have to choose the Shia Quran teacher for joining this course.


The purpose our Shia Quran teaching online for Tafseer course is to have a full understanding of the Islamic religion. It helps to get full knowledge about the commands of Allah and how to lead life in accordance with Quran. This course gives us a deeper meaning to the life of Holy Prophet. The Shia Muslims can not only understand the rules of Islam but also abide by those rules to get successful in life.

With the help of the Tafseer course, the Shia Muslim can understand Quran deeply instead of only the literal meanings of the Quran. The students can understand the context in which a specific verse was revealed.

The students can also take the benefit of the course when it comes to driving out the Islamic laws from Quran. There are instructions of Allah in all the Verses of Quran so Tafsir course provides a complete and comprehensive set of instructions to the student.

What Is Taught In Tafseer Course?

Tafseer course is one of the most important courses that Shia Muslims should take because this course helps in understanding Islam in the most reliable way. Our Shia Quran Teacher gives classes of Tafseer Course to the Muslims of Shia community. The contents of the tafseer course taught at our institute include

  • Translation of the verses of Quran
  • The contexts of revelation of the verses (asbab al-nuzul)
  • Explanation of all the issues included in the verses.
  • Explanation of aqidah of Ahle Tashi at specific Quranic verses.
  • Explanation on the relation of Aayat with Ahkam
  • The interpretation of Quran verses is similar to that of the Ahl ul Bait (Muhammad’s Family)

Our Teaching Methodology

We are known to have the best teaching methodology because our tutors are the scholars and also experienced in teaching Tafseer course online. Our institute has been established for 11 years and our every Shia Quran teacher is highly qualified and has very effective teaching method. They are capable of making each lesson of Tafseer course easy for the students. As Shia students don’t find Shia institutes vey easily to get the Quran and religious education so we have laid the foundation of our academy to facilitate our Shia brothers and sisters in accessing Quran knowledge for their successful future. Our lessons are based on Shia views. Every student is given a separate class as per his desired schedule and time. The lessons are delivered online over the Skype. The tutors are available 24/7 so you can get registered to take class anytime you want.

Online Shia Quran Teacher 

We arrange separate classes for both male and female students. A male student is taught by a male online Shia Quran teacher and a female student is taught by a male online Shia Quran teacher. So we invite our Momin brothers and sisters to take their first step towards Islam and get registered with us.