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MQC can help you learn the Holy Quran Online with an expert Shia tutor Especially for Kids. We are a leading Quran Platform that offers online educations for Momineen.  Finding qualified Shia Tutor is not difficult now. We will offer you, sessions online through Skype. Shia Muslims are welcome to join our platform and learn different courses from the comfort of your home.

Our educations are for Momineen belonging to different backgrounds and nationalities. Our tutors are available to teach students of all ages and genders. Shia sisters have separate classes under the guidance of female teachers. Both male and female are capable, expert and experienced. Our Shia Quran Education for students from all over the world. Check a variety of courses that we offer and choose the one that you need to learn.

Shia Quran Tutor Online for Females

We provide the facility to our sisters to learn from female tutors so that they also learn the Holy Book of Islam. As our classes are online and students learn at home, so maintaining pardah will be easy for them. Usually, females do not want to learn Islamic Education from a male tutor because it is a violation of Islamic rules. Hence, we offer them, classes, at their homes and that too from female instructors.

Best Online Shia Tutor for Kids

Shia tutor for kids is also available at our academy. Children are often not comfortable with male tutors. They need a female for teaching them. Hence, we provide an opportunity for kids to learn with a polite and friendly female instructor. Parents in western countries can easily contact us. We are available even at an odd time. Our instructors are available 24/7 so whenever you want to hire them, you can contact us. We allow you to schedule your classes with mutual understanding and start learning with us.

Make Your Quran Learning Easy

We are here to make your Quran learning easy. If you are a busy professional, you can still attend Shia Quran classes. We will provide you with a Shia tutor online and it is fortunate to attend classes at home. No matter how busy you are, you can have the best Shia Quran lessons at the time when it is convenient for you.

Attend the classes with the help of the latest technology. You must have Skype installed on your device for learning with us. Thanks to the internet that now, we are able to spread knowledge of the Quran throughout the world. You can also fulfil your religious responsibility of learning the Quran. We make learning easy for kids too as kids find the lessons interesting and entertaining. Many lessons are in the form of quizzes.

We are the best platforms for learning the Quran for every student. We only teach Momineen because we are the Shia Quran academy. Our teaching method is very effective and students learn fast with us.

The Best Tutoring Services

We offer you the best teaching services because our courses are of high quality. The instructors at our academy are also qualified and knowledgeable. Students from any country can join us at any time when they want.

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